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Spalling Foundation

When the face of your concrete foundation peels off, it’s called “foundation spalling”.

Spalling is a common problem. It can have multiple causes, however, in this particular situation the cause is due to rebar (which are the steel bars within concrete that provide a rigid structure) were installed too close to the edge of the concrete forms. Once the concrete was poured and the forms were removed, the rebars were very close to the exterior edges.

Where the problem arises is in the fact that steel rebar has an expansion and contraction rate from heat and cold that is much greater than that of the concrete. So, if you can imagine this steel bar expanding and contracting within the concrete, but extremely close to the outside edge. The result is that the concrete just kind of flakes off over time. The repair is to remove any bars that are exposed. Then install steel anchors perpendicularly into the concrete. Next, we “frost” the surface of the concrete with new

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