A firebox is the portion of your fireplace where the wood is burned. On a masonry fireplace this area is made out of Fire Brick. A fire brick is a brick which is made from heat retardant material. Fire brick are available in many different colors. The color denotes the fire brick’s fire retardant properties. Buff is the standard color fire brick found in most residential homes and has a fire resistance up to 3,000 degrees.

Over time as a home settles, cracks will often form in the firebox walls. In addition, over time the fire brick and the mortar in between the brick can spall from excessive use. Once either scenario is realized the firebox is no longer safe to burn in. No matter the extent of damage to your firebox Advantage Masonry can repair it. Broken fire bricks are removed and replaced with new matching fire brick. Cracked mortar joints are removed and replaced with the appropriate mortar based on your homes original construction. We can even repair or replace a damaged flue damper or clean out door. 


Once repairs are complete a member of our engineering team will inspect your firebox for any openings which could cause a safety concern. Mortar cures for 28 days so please don’t burn in your firebox during the first 28 days after the repairs have been completed.



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