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Firebox Repair

Identifying Firebox Problems

Most often you will know if you have potential problems if your firebox has cracks in the mortar joints or in the firebricks themselves. If you find cracks we recommend that you have them repaired, regardless of the size. Flames and smoke are in some ways similar to water in that they are able to penetrate even the tiniest of cracks. This can allow the flame to penetrate the cracks possibly igniting any combustible material that is located behind the firebox walls. The smoke that finds its way through cracks can enter your home and cause discoloration and unpleasant odors and the fire can destroy your home. The safety of your family is too important to take chances with a cracked or leaky firebox!

Note: We do not repair pre-fabricated fireboxes.

How We Repair Firebox Problems

First, we thoroughly clean the walls and floor of your firebox to insure that all loose mortar, soot, dust, or any other debris is eliminated.

We then apply a mortar to the floor and the walls of your firebox that is designed to withstand the high temperatures generated by your fireplace. This mortar will seal all cracks and voids and the flame and smoke will again be directed out through the flue.

This mortar, commonly known as “fireclay” is applied as a thin coat and and will not adversely affect the look or the texture of your existing firebox walls. If your firebox is damaged, give us a call and we will send a technician out to give you a

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Note: You should also make sure that your chimney’s mortar cap and spark arrestor are in good working order. See our Chimney Cap Repair page.

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